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This document describes the installation and configuration process of Ezako’s Magento plugin.


Thanks to the cloud based recommendation engine Ezako, Magento plugins show high quality product recommendations on merchant sites. In order to continuously improve recommendation for each product and customer, our plugins gather anonymous informations about viewed pages, orders and products in stock.


Important: It can take up to one hour for recommendations to appear on your website once you finish the set up. This is due to the server’s initialisation.

1) Download the module

If it is not done yet, you can download our plugin here :   download

2) Install the module

– On your website, go to “System” > “Magento Connect” > “Magento Connect Manager”magento connect


– In the section “Direct package file upload” in “Browse”, select our Magento plugin ‘Ezako_Reco’ and click on “Upload”magento file upload


– You will see a pop up message saying that the installation went fine in your console. To end the installation, click on “Refresh”. Our module is now in your extensions’ list. Go back to your admin interface.magento console

3) Configure the module

– In your admin interface, go to “System” > “Configuration”magento configuration


– In the “Configuration” menu, under “SERVICES”, you can see “Ezako”. Click.magento ezako service


– To configure your interface, you will go through three sections.

First section is compulsory in order to activate recommendations.

–> First section : Type the idsite you used to subscribe and the private key that we gave you. They are available in your profile page.

–> Second section : Activate the recommendations. Home page and Product pages recommendations are automatically activated. You can customize your interface by activating or desactivating certain types of recommendations.

–> Third section : Choose how many recommendations you want for each type (from 1 to 12). By default, “Homepage”, “Product pages” and “Category pages” recommendations are set up at 4 and right block and left block recommendations are set at 2. You can personalize your interface according to your design and needs.

magento ezako configuration

– WARNING : You may see “404 Page Not Found”magento 404 error

If it happens to you, follow these steps :

  • Log out from your admin interface
  • Empty your browser cache
  • Log in

Now you should be able to successfully click on the ezako link and see your Ezako admin interface.

4) Customise the module

How to adapt the template?

We have two types of templates : recoHorizontal.phtml and recoVertical.phtml. You will find them in this folder : /app/design/frontend/base/default/template/ezReco .

The recoHorizontal.phtml template is used in the center of “Home”, “Catégories” or “Products” pages. The recoVertical.phtml template is used for left and right hand sides column of the same pages.

You can adapt these templates to your design. We advise you to keep your files in a separate css file to make it easier to adapt your design when we release a new version of the plugin.

How to position a recommendation block in a CMS page ?

By default, recommendation blocks are placed on top or bottom of the pages or columns. You can modify this placement for CMS pages. You just have to follow these steps :

– In admin interface, go to “CMS” > “Pages” and select the accurate CMS page.

– In “Page Information” menu in “Content” section, click on “Show / Hide Editor” and place this code :

{{block type="ezReco/ezreco" name="NAME" eztype="TYPE" template="ezReco/recoHorizontal.phtml" }}

if you want to add an horizontal block, (recommended for the center of a page).

or place this code :

{{block type="ezReco/ezreco" name="NAME" eztype="TYPE" template="ezReco/recoVertical.phtml" }}

if you want to add a vertical block (recommended for a right or left hand side column block)


* in name=“…” you have to name the block. You can name it as you want, just be careful not to call two blocks the same, it could cause display problems.

* in eztype= “…” you have multiple predefined choices according to the page where you want to display the recommendation block. Choose the ezType in the list below:

  • Home => for the homepage
  • Prod => for product pages
  • Cat => for category pages
  • Left => for a left hand side column
  • Right => for a right hand side column

– To avoid repetition of the block, go to ezReco.xml layout in this folder : /app/design/frontend/base/default/layout/ and comment the part about the block you moved (to find it easily, check the ezType you moved).

How to change the recommendation blocks placement in a page that is not CMS ?

The answer depends on where you want to place your recommendation block.

* Here is the simplest solution that will work in most of the case

Go to ezReco.xml layout, located in app/design/frontend/base/default/layout/ and modify the atribute “after” or “before” of blocks you want to move; as Magento recommends

* In some very specific cases, the approach above won’t work. So you will have to manually add your block in your page .xml configuration, in the position where you want it to render.

<block type="ezReco/ezreco" name="NAME" template="ezReco/recoHorizontal.phtml">
<action method="setData"><name>eztype</name><value>TYPE</value></action>

Do not forget to comment out this bloc in ezReco.xml, to avoid it being rendered twice.

5) Congratulations, you are all set !

You can now see recommendations on your website.

Recommendations “recoHorizontal.phtml” :magento horizontal recommendations


Recommendations “recoVertical.phtml” :

magento vertical recommandations