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Recommendation plugins for PrestaShop

This page describes the plugins’ installation process and usage.


Thanks to the cloud based recommendation engine EZAKOreco, PrestaShop plugins show high quality product recommendations on merchant sites. In order to continuously improve recommendation for each product and customer, our plugins gather anonymous informations about viewed pages, orders and products in stock.

I – Available modules

Various modules are available, depending on the selling strategy and graphical context.
For instance:


This modules shows an horizontal widget (column in the middle), mostly about the customer (what he likes, what similar people bought …). It works very well on home pages:

prestashop recommendation screenshot


This module shows a simple column of products recommended. Can fit on the left or on the right column:

prestashop recommendation screenshot


Widget in the center, recommending products that match the product currently being displayed.


Special offers selected for each customer individually.


II – Installation

0) Before you start, make sure you validated the following points:
– Our modules are compatible with prestashop 1.4.x and 1.5.x.
– curl lib must be installed on your server.

1) If it is not already done, sign up to get an customer id and a private key

sign up!

2) You can download our modules from the following link: download page. You will have to sign in first.


3) Copy the module(s)

Once signed up and the module downloaded, you will only have to uncompress it in your ‘Module’ directory or use the upload feature in your prestashop admin interface.

prestashop ezako module upload screenshot

4) Install a module

You can configure your modules in your admin interface, under your modules tab:

prestashop ezako module installation screenshot

You will find Ezako modules searching for ‘Ezako’ in the modules search bar:

prestashop ezako module installation screenshot

Or in Advertizing & marketing category:

prestashop ezako module installation screenshot

Then click the ‘install’ button for the module you want to install:

prestashop ezako module installation screenshot

You get the following screen:

prestashop ezako module installation screenshot

You then have to fill the form with the following infos:

  • your idsite: MY_IDSITE
  • your private key: MY_PRIVATE_KEY

You will find these info in your profile: click here for profile page.


Then click on the ‘save’ button:

prestashop ezako module installation screenshot

You successfully installed and configured an Ezako module for prestashop. If you encounter any issue, feel free to contact us!

III – Advanced configuration

Once a module is installed, it is possible to configure it in the administration interface.

prestashop ezako module configuration screenshot

To move the module in the window (higher or in a different column), click on ‘manage hooks’ and follow directions provided in ‘Positions’ at the following url: prestashop documentation.