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Ezako recommendation tool customized to your site

Ezako recommendation tool customized to your site

For all the demanding clients we offer our recommendation engine in a totally integrated version that are directly embedded in the web pages blended to the site design.

Our team members will be more than happy to do this custom work for you. And guess what? We do not take any fee for doing the integration work. Yes, all free!

Increase your conversion rate

In order to discover your customers wishes, we extract several behavioral statistics and purchasing preferences in real-time.

Click after click our algorithms gather data to refine recommendations. Information collected allows us to group customers with similar tastes, but also to discover the individual liking of your customer. With this precise behavior knowledge we can provide your customers with a personalized experience and help you increase your conversion rates and sales.

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decrease your bounce rate

We have created a leading technology. It is time that e-commerce sites take advantage of more than three years of research in Big Data technologies.

Our technology enables your customers to access quickly what they are looking for. With personalization of each user's experience you have the power to increase your brand loyalty, brand equity and customer engagement to decrease bouncing visitors.

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Ezako easy integration

We have worked hard to get our recommendation engine work with most of the ecommerce platforms. Magento, OsCommerce, Prestashop, Gmabio, CreLoaded, osCmax, ZenCart, Loaded Commerce... and more platforms are on their way. Each plugin can be deployed in just a few clicks without having to do any coding.

For our other clients, we offer a full customisation service without charging a buck for it. Yes, all free so that you can test our technology and the impact it has on your business.

Easy to install, powerfull to get your sales sky rocket and speed with response times that are less than 0.04 sec.

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decrease your bounce rate

If you can't mesure it you can't manage it!

We have developped a very complete, user friendly and clear dashboard so that you can at a glance understand the behaviour of your customers.

Our powerful big data algorithms allow us to present you in clear and simple way, key metrics about your business and your customer base. These insightful analytics are key for you to ncrease the efficiency of your marketing campaigns and reduce your customer acquisition costs.

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Our customized solution pricing is a monthly subscription that can be cancelled any time.

The subscription fees begin at £75/ month and includes unlimited product feed integration.

There are no set-up or hidden fees and the first month is free! That way you can just test Ezako without worrying about your budget.

  • From 50, 000 page views / month
  • Unlimited Products
  • User Profiled Recommendations
  • Recommendation Strategy Configuration
  • Powerful Dashboard

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