What is EzakoReco?
EzakoReco is a smart recommendation solution developed specifically for ecommerce companies that will integrate to the design of your website.
Why to use personalized recommendation?
Using integrated personalized recommendation is the warranty to improve your conversion rate, to increase the traffic rentability on your website by proposing the right product for the right person at the right moment.
How does it work?
First, we are analysing all the consumer’s clicks on your website. Then, we are profiling the users. Finally, we are recommending the best products to maximize your conversion rate. Ezako is the result of 3 years in Research and development and benefits from one of the best artificial intelligence developed in this area.
Why to trust Ezako?
Ezako is a simple solution to install. It is completely integrated to web pages and mixed with the website design that brings a great benefit to e-commerce websites by increasing the conversion rate. By analysing each click, Ezako’s algorithms are able to know what is going to answer the customers needs.
What can be the impact of Ezako on your turnover?
The conversion rate has an important impact on the turnover. When more consumers are buying on your website, the conversion rate is increasing so as the turnover.The purpose of the Ezako integrated personalized recommendation tool is to increase this conversion rate. By recommending the right product, we are increasing also your turnover.
How can you install Ezako?
We have worked very hard to conceive a recommendation tool which is working with most of the e-commerce platforms such as Magento, OsCommerce, Prestashop, Gmabio, Creloaded, osCmax, ZenCart, Loaded Commerce.. and also with emerging platforms. Each plugin can be easily installed with just a few clicks without any coding skills.
What is it included in the offer of 89€ per month?
The offer includes unlimited view pages, unlimited products, user profiled recommendations, recommendation strategy configuration and a powerful dashboard.