Easy IoT monitoring

Are your connected devices working properly?

Are your connected devices working properly?

Endpoint device malfunction creates unhappy customers, increase churn rates and maintenance costs.

Would you like to have a global picture of how your devices are performing?

Ezako monitors for you all the devices you own up to several millions. Our solution helps you understand how your production environment is doing, collect historical data and access to performance and crash data in real time.

Increase your conversion rate

Access in real time all your KPIs that are really important:

- Connection quality
- Battery level
- Battery life expectation
- Sensor loss, sensor errors
- Boot time average
- CPU and memory usage
- Number of reboots
- Display errors
Increase your conversion rate

The most important thing a business can have is happy customers.

If you have thousands or more devices out in the market it can be hard for you to monitor performance levels and crashes. With Ezako outage prediction you can have access to the crash information before the customers calls you.

How does it work? Well, our algorithms track and analyse in real time the data coming from the connected devices and find outage correlations.
Increase your conversion rate
Our solution is totally scallable.

Our technology have been tested by our clients and we have proved several times that they can scale.

We will track for you millions of devices and billions of events every day so that you can take the right decisions based on a global view of your network.

Access a powerful visibility tool, obtain faster resolution times and create more productive teams.
Increase your conversion rate
IoT solutions with well configured user monitoring and alert functions allow companies to keep their fingers on the pulse of their business and attain strong user adoption.

Have total control of your devices with advanced functionalities:

- Alerting
- Crash reports
- Historical data saved for all your devices even if you have millions out there.

Satisfy your end-customers

Satisfy your end-customers

Access a geographical representation of the overall health of your deployed endpoints.

See on a heat map, regions where problems have appeared.
Take actions to resolve global customer satisfaction.