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An automatic solution for processing your data
Upalgo uses machine learning algorithms that automatically identify and highlight very important events and anomalies. We use Upalgo to be faster in our analysis.

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Upalgo automatically analyzes all the data

Upalgo automatically analyzes all the data

As many companies, you understand the value to collect and store data.

However, your Data Scientists have a hard time processing the entire load of work. Use cases and business requirements are well identified, but your team is undersized.

Upalgo is made for you. Detect and immediately find out what's important in your data.

Which use cases?

Which use cases?

- New equipment
- Middleware updates
- Non-regression

- Predictive maintenance
- Churn prediction
- Outage prediction

Upalgo will enable your data staff to be more efficient.

Use Upalgo to empower your data work force