About Us

We are a team of experts in data science. We use Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to solve complex problems innovatively.

The tools and products that we develop help bring insights to different industries: validation and testing for non-regressions on complex hardware, assess the quality of service, be able to monitor endpoints in a network and limit downtime.

We help our clients to get a better understanding of their challenges and find innovative solutions by gathering and exploring huge amounts of data.

Let's make data intelligent!

Julien Muller
Julien is the technical lead at Ezako. Prior to joining Ezako, Julien worked at IBM starting in 2000 as an information system architect, focused on management and analysis of heterogeneous data while in California, before joining the consulting team of IBM France in 2005.
Ziad Bizri
Ziad is responsible for R&D at Ezako, his interests include datamining and massive data analysis in batch and in real time in parallel. Prior to joining Ezako, Ziad was a software engineer at Google in California before relocating to their Zurich office.
Bora Kizil
A computer engineer with an MBA from HEC Paris, Bora has been an entrepreneur since 2011. He joined Ezako in 2015 to accelerate the company growth.