About us

We are a team of experts in data science. We use Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to solve complex problems innovatively.

The tools and products that we develop help bring insights to different industries: validation and testing for non-regressions on complex hardware, assess the quality of service, be able to monitor endpoints in a network and limit downtime.

We help our clients to get a better understanding of their challenges and find innovative solutions by gathering and exploring huge amounts of data.

Let's make data intelligent!

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The founding team

The founding team

Ezako was founded by Julien and Ziad in 2012 in order to assist companies in using Big Data technologies to create value out of their unused data. The Ezako Company is registered in Paris RCS, as a "Société par Action Simplifiée" (S.A.S) with an initial capital of 70 056 euros. The founders used their international experience in order to define an innovation roadmap allowing the creation of Ezako.