Upalgo Anomaly Detection

Upalgo learns the data patterns and finds the deviations which are symptoms of regressions and problems.

Upalgo pinpoints where to look and where the anomalies arise, saving time and money for your teams.

Upalgo helps by finding all anomalies deeply buried in your data, optimizing your business and assuring the best possible operational quality.

Upalgo sends immediate and actionable alerts on all data deviations on your complex and valuable assets.

Automatic highlight of all your anomalies

Upalgo lists all your anomalies in one place. Visually they are visible by highlights.

The active learning process enables Upalgo to be best in class in anomaly detection, even in a multivariate environment.

High frequency data

Tested to work on sensors up to 50khz, Upalgo helps you scale your data analysis without increasing the size of your teams.

Multivariate environments

Context is key in identifying anomalies and limiting the number of false positives.

Ezako has built a real and recognized expertise in multivariate anomaly detection. With unsupervised, semi-supervised and supervised algorithms, we provide solutions for each specific client need.

Explaining what happened

We have developed specific tools to help you understand what happened and why an anomaly has been identified by Upalgo.

This way, you can perform faster and easier root cause analysis.