Upalgo Time Series Labeling - Free Trial

Get free access to the ultimate time-series annotation tool Upalgo Labeling.

Sensor, IoT and Time-Series data annotations

To get the best of Machine Learning, data scientists require labeled data. This step is often very time consuming. Upalgo Labeling helps label 150x faster.

Data Augmentation

Upalgo Labeling can help you label much faster with AI based label candidates. Just launch the tool, check the candidates and label them with a click of a button.

Label management

Chose, create, delete and manage all your labels in one place. Have access to all annotations of a kind and export your csv files easily.

Multiple time-series

Upalgo Labeling enables you to annotate your data on multiple time-series, compare them and visualize them together.

Works on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Download your version for Windows, Linux or Mac and check the installation notes.

Try Upalgo Labeling for free

You will receive your free trial key by email, so be sure to double-check the spelling of your email. This generation of the key can take up to 24 hours. Thanks for your understanding.

1. Download the software for Windows, Mac or Linux directly from our github page.

2. Ask for a free trial key

Your key will be sent by email and will give you access to the software.



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