Tueday #10
Even two real twins, born and raised side by side, do not have the same tastes.
Themes : e-commerce & customer behavior


It is time to dig a little into one-to-one marketing theory, often dreamt of, never sufficiently achieved. We explain in our own words, the evolutions and usages of this concept, offline and online. As our core competency is about activation, we decide to focus on one-to-one with the aim to convert a prospect.

Basic definition : One (you) – to  – something (the level of intimacy with your customer or prospect)

Offline – Promotion

Online –
Artificial Intelligence

One to All


-30% on purple clothes on Tuesdays

-30% on all articles bought today

One to Many


If you are under 18, you can have one pair of purple pants offered for one t-shirt bought on Tuesdays

If you are a woman, the website displays women’s clothing on the landing page.

If you are a man, the website displays men’s clothing

One to Few

(Niche segmentation)

If you are under 18, and you are a professional tennis player,  one pair of purple pants offered for one t-shirt bought on Tuesdays

If you are a woman looking for a black party outfit, the website displays dresses, skirts, high heels and stilettos that other women looking for a black party dress bought.

One to One


“Hi ! You like purple and tennis, and I know you are 2.00 meters high and it is difficult for you to find clothes that fits you. What we can do is offer you 30% of on a tailor-made pair of purple pants if you buy this t-shirt.”

Personalized product recommendations

– “We know you clicked on this dress before, and you did not like it that much. But this one was more your style, you checked it twice. Ok, so you like black, buttons, and silver stilettos. But not the one you saw. Do you like this one better ? And this small hand bag (for which our margin is huge) would be lovely with it.

Cross-canal recognition

– One targeted promotion adapted to the products you saw on the website popping out on your mobile  screen when you enter the physical store

Going further

We are all providing our services as a mix of online and offline, via all the possible contact points between a customer and our products. Physical store (when there is one), mobile, tablet, computer … The more cross-canal the experience is, the more knowledge e-merchants have about their customers, and the more efficient the personalisation. Talking one-to-one, understanding each person individually and his behavior, will allow you to smoothen your customer’s experience and get a whole understanding of how to give him satisfaction, even when selling more.

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