“Easter eggs”

Tuesday #11
Chocolates can be 2.0
Themes : e-commerce

EZAKO BIRDSThis weekend was full of Easter happenings. As every event can be turned into an opportunity for e-commerce, would it be to sell more by converting more, to win loyalty or to go viral, we took the challenge to explore the opportunities around Easter. Every single real-life concept applies also on the web, and as conversion lovers, we see a concept as a push. So we decided to take inspiration from what happened online this week end and to share our own definition of Easter 2.0 for e-commerce.

Here are 3 ideas that drive conversion (feel free to apply them to another event, for example Mother’s Day)

1. Easter eggs are about searching for hidden treasures

Think about it : people spend hours searching for bunny shaped chocolates in their house or their garden. Could they also spend their time looking for an egg on your web site, if they get a reward?

The event

Hide easter objects somewhere in your page code, resulting in a little egg somewhere between two products in your catalog. Offer a gift coupon to anyone who finds it.

The result

Those who find the egg have a good time navigating across your inventory and have an opportunity to purchase something with the coupon.
If they don’t find anything, at least they went around your products and they will remember you, or even buy something they saw when passing by and loved.

Ezako’s special

With one-to-one merchandising enable, there is little chance for visitors to miss products they like while browsing through the inventory.

2. People seek recognition … and vouchers

The simplest way to show your customers that you care : make them personalized offers, according to their tastes. Show them that you are making an effort for them to feel comfortable and that you are concerned about their lives.

The event

Put together an “Easter cross-sell” and some “Easter bundle” to make it easy for you visitor to find everything for the perfect week-end in one click. Discount some products one week before Easter, according to the target audience, and set up an extra reactive customer care.

The result

You win your customers trust because you showed them that you care about the events affecting their daily lives.

Ezako’s special

When customers type “easter” in the search bar, your website shows products selected just for them, making them feel special for this occasion. Be different for Easter.

3. Keep your customers on their toes

We call it concept optimization. Basically what Google does for Easter : funny sentences, easy to find surprise jokes, or a viral change on your website to acquire traffic and create buzz around your brand (Zappos: falling cats on visitors screen). In fact any event is an excuse to show your visitors and customers how much you care, and how much you thought about them.

The event

A simple newsletter “Come online today, great surprises are waiting for you !”

The result 

Win loyalty of your one time customers, retarget some that have not been showing up lately, brag about your inventory, show your sense of humor

Ezako’s special

Make the most of it and adapt the product you show in your e-mail to each person, to increase their desire to visit your website.

To sum it all up, bring loved events into your web store, you can be sure to reach and keep a bigger share of your target audience. We can even help you with that !

Share your opinions or questions with us, we are interested!
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See you next Tuesday !

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