Hadoop Summit 2013

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Hadoop Summit Logo

And we are back from Amsterdam! This time it was to attend the first Hadoop summit in Europe on March 20-21. We were delighted to attend this event, we were able to meet with many key players. It was also a good time to network and drink beers with developers from all around the world.

We first attended the local NL-HUG meeting on the night before the event. It was a great way to kickoff the event. The talks were amazing, very technical, kudos to the NL-HUG organizers.

Then during two full days we were able to meet with many developers of the Hadoop platform, understand the issues at hand and the future developments. More insights were obtained during the (long) night at the historical Heineken brewery.

The most important message for us: Stinger is coming. Hive is going to get 100x faster, and we will all benefit from it. We also learned about Tez, which is going to make YARN usable for more than mapreduce.

We can’t wait for all these developments!