Back from 6 days in Amsterdam at one on the world’s biggest fair for
broadcast professionals. It has been a very exciting, hectic and
fruitful week for Ezako.

Despite the tons of stroopwafel and gouda cheese absorbed we still
cannot pronounce the name of the street we were staying in properly.
But most importantly here are the key takeaways:

  • Inspirational people/ stands/ products/ companies
  • Hundreds of handshakes
  • Valuable business cards exchanged
  • Lessons learnt to improve our communication strategy
  • Enhancement of our business pitch
  • Better understanding of our sales approach
  • Know your clients, but also your potential partners and competitors!

Our minds are already full of ideas to bring our stand animation to
the next level for the next IBC.
Only thing we wish for from Amsterdam is less rain and more sunshine
for next year September 7 to 11.

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