Tuesday’s concept #9
Your customers are not sheep with different names
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Today is special. We want to share our definition of a word we extremely care about : PERSONALIZATION. Personalization in e-commerce context. Personalization based on BigData. Personalization in real time. Unique customer experience. Not product customization, such as adding your name on a cup. Not only calling your customers by their name when they enter the store.

When we read

“94% of e-merchants think about personalisation” (in France) ?

We understand

94% of e-commerce websites are going to know their visitors, prospects and customers individually and are going to show each of them products that match their likings, based on all the clues they left behind them, no matter how small and insignificant they look. And they want to achieve it this year.

So why must you absolutely not be part of the 6% left out ?

1. Competitors are a click away.

From an initial “always consider your customers first”, we are slowly moving to “do not forget any of your visitors”. Good habits are acquired easily at an early stage, they become harder and harder to change with time. If we understand that sentence from an online store point of view, we end up with the following insight : before being a customer, he was just an online visitor. And he could have hit the “previous” button prior to his purchase, clicked on the next link selling black party dress, and bought it there. And never come back to visit. So make the most of it and make all your visitors feel special.

2. It is easier on the web

You put so much effort in your physical boutique to make your customers feel unique, feel at home, they are listened to but not put under stress. So why on earth would you skip that part on your website, even though you can go much further ? A visitor’s journey through your website is unique in itself, and tells a lot about him or her. You don’t even have to be intrusive to understand what she came looking for. First party cookies collect anonymous data and artificially intelligent APIs analyze them and turn them into actions without you knowing it. It goes way further than talking to a person or observing his behavior in a store.

3. Technology is not only extremely useful, it is inevitable

Everyone dreams of being an early adopter one day. Now is the time to be one ! Not only because you don’t want to be the the black sheep of e-commerce, but because the more you wait, the more you lose significant data about your customers and your business. Big data that you are not using to grow sales, that you are not using to improve customer experience, that you are not using to set up an environment that adapts your product offerings to each customer …

4. You want to convert more !

Who doesn’t want to ?

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