” Real Time “

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Tuesday’s concept #1 : « Real time »
What makes your e-store looks like a real store
themes : e-commerce & technology

Big Data analytics is one thing. It is a buzz, it seems complicated, we are hearing it at every corner. It has been discovered and debated, today it needs to be put into actions. Our belief, is that it should be associated to the notion of « real time ».

Why collect a tremendous amount of traffic analytics data only to analyze and use it later, when you can benefit from it immediately? Real time means a direct impact of each user click into understanding and predicting the user preferences before showing the next page. An adjustable structure, a unique user experience, and an understanding of your customer, as if he was standing right next to you answering your questions about his taste. This is why we are committed to researching “real time”.

In fact, being real time is a crucial factor in the process of creating a unique shopping experience for each one of your customers. It is an open door to e-merchandising personalization and interface customization. It allows you to recreate the real shopping atmosphere in your virtual store; for your customer to feel understood and to have a great time. Real time personalization is a marketing tool that we think is underused – especially because it calls for specialized technologies, and it is scary. It seems expensive, it seems time consuming, it seems vague. Our trick : we use real time technology coupled with automated recommendation algorithms, to go further than understanding customers needs. We answer them, in real time. And we analyse continuously your indicator to improve recommendations.

In a nutshell, real time : it makes your e-store more responsive, it increases your customers’ satisfaction, it takes part in creating a personalized shopping experience to your customers, it increases your conversion rate, and it is innovative. Go further in analyzing your traffic data; turn it into recommendations, in real time.

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