The easiest way to label and tag your Time-Series data.

To get the best of Machine Learning, data scientists require labeled quality data. This step is often very time consuming.

Time Series labeling often requires the knowledge of the expert. Without the expert the task can be very difficult to achieve. Upalgo AI can help.

With increasing connectivity and number of sensors, the amount of data collected by companies has exploded. Upalgo can help scale.

Intuitive UI

Upalgo Labeling was created to ease the process of labeling time series data.

A few buttons enable the management of the labeling and tagging process.

AI assisted labeling

Upalgo can spread your tags and labels. Once you are done with a few labels, Upalgo will spread them through the entire data set, increasing by 4 times your efficiency.

Upalgo will detect conflicted labels and alert you. Data quality is key for good ML. If your data happens to be wrongly labelled, your models will probably be too.