Altair and Ezako join forces to deliver the best in class time series labeling solution

[Paris, 07/06/2023] – Ezako, a leading provider of cutting-edge AI software solutions, is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with Altair, a global technology company. This collaboration will enable Altair to distribute Ezako’s revolutionary Upalgo Labeling software through the renowned Altair Partner Alliance, expanding the availability of this innovative product to a wider market.

With the integration of Upalgo Labeling into Altair’s portfolio, customers will gain access to a powerful tool designed to simplify and expedite the annotation of time series and sensor data. The intuitive user interface and advanced AI-powered label propagation feature of Upalgo Labeling offer Altair customers an unparalleled opportunity to enhance their operations by efficiently organizing and analyzing their time series and sensor data. Industries dealing with substantial volumes of data, including defense, automotive, manufacturing, and energy, will particularly benefit from the capabilities of this software.

Upalgo Labeling empowers users to unlock the true potential of their data, enabling them to forecast future trends, detect anomalies, and identify meaningful patterns and correlations.

By joining forces with Altair, Ezako reinforces its commitment to providing industry-leading software solutions that drive innovation and enable businesses to optimize their data-driven processes. Altair’s global presence and extensive customer base, which spans across more than 11,000 organizations, make it an ideal partner to bring the transformative benefits of Upalgo Labeling to the forefront.

For more information about Ezako’s Upalgo Labeling software and Altair’s partnership with Ezako, please visit Altair Welcomes Ezako to the Altair Partner Alliance.

Click here to access the product through your Altair account: Efficient Time Series Labeling | Upalgo Labeling (

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