Anomaly prediction for site control optimization

The National Agency of Frequencies (ANFR) has as a mission to control the use of radio frequencies in France. There are regular inspections and controls of stations and networks that are done every year. The goal is to check the conformity of the installations in the field with respect to the configurations of the sites. This mission is essential for the security of radio and frequency services.

However, the inspection of the national park of more than 76,000 radio sites is not trivial. The effort required is colossal.

The ANFR trusts Ezako to improve and optimize the inspections. Thanks to Upalgo, the ANFR will equip itself this year with a solution for predicting the sites that are more likely to reveal anomalies. This prediction of anomalies makes it possible to prioritize the sites to be checked and thus to optimize the heavy inspection missions.

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