Ezako joins the Minc Scale program 

Ezako has today been accepted to the Minc Scale program. This program is designed to support growing companies with the ambition to go international.

Ezako is specialized in the field of artificial intelligence, more precisely in machine learning. Its main activity is the analysis of time-series data. Ezako has three applications: pattern recognition, anomaly detection, and time-series labeling. 

With Minc scale, Ezako will benefit from many advantages. The program will allow Ezako to penetrate the Nordic market with the help of a large community of coaches and mentors who support start-ups in their growth. Through this program, Ezako will be able to develop new skills with the help of  documentation, tools and webinars offered.The programme will allow ,the expansion  of its network and get more business partners. Minc scale also offers help with financing, marketing and sales.

Minc scale aims to bring together different start-ups in their growth phase and to share experiences and skills. This program accompanies start-ups with various supports such as marketing, expert advice, and sales.

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