Is online advertising efficient when only 8% of the internet users generate 85% of the clicks?

We are surrounded by online advertisement.  We are being tempted to click on them  Each one of us is exposed to more than 1700 advertising banners per month with only a part of them being visible and thus clickable. Even if, online ad campaigns are the trend of the century, only 8% of the internet users generate 85% of the clicks. People are responding differently to online ads : only 31% will click directly on an ad.  Even if, they are seeing an add showing a product they like, the majority will not click but will use it to make some other research such as searching directly for the product or the brand, by typing directly the key word in their browser.


A lack of targeting can be the reason why only one in a thousand ads in a campaign is clicked. In deed, about 72% of campaigns were delivered with a non targeted content.


We find that online advertising in technlogy industry  has got the higher click rate (64%) and that men between 18 and 49 are the most sensitive to online ads (45%). The ultimate goal is to reach the same result in all industries and all profiles.


In advertising campaigns, data is the most important element  to reach success: by targeting correctly consumers and by showing them the proper ads. It will allow to attract people in order to make them click.


We have to work on the targeting process through the use of data in order to improve the efficiency of online advertising.


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