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Make it better than it is already
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Ezako clockPre-sales are here. And sales are coming very soon. This period is full of stress, but it is also full of opportunities. What will make you the best seller during sales ? What will make purchases in your E-commerce traffic explode ?

We propose three paths you can follow, because we believe even Sales can benefit from a little innovation.


Create a state of emergency. We are used to see limited editions, or limited quantities. What about “limited” promotion ?

1st scenario : Limited in time
You visitor sees a promotion that will not be there anymore 1 hour later. He was hesitating. But the promotion is interesting, and won’t last until he decides. He buys it.

2nd scenario : Limited in quantity
Apply the early bird ticket technique to your promotion. The first 10 buying get 50% discount. The next 10 get 30%. Then maybe 5%. Or even 0.

Private Sales

What feeling is better than the one of feeling special and unique ? What if each customer saw first the promotions on products he already checked ?

1st scenario : Personal invitation by mail
Include promotion on products your customer spent time on in you pre-Sales mailing, and chose highlighted pieces accordingly. Make him feel understood and cared about.

2nd scenario : Personal platform
Providing your visitor with his own online space to shop and search around straight from his desk will give him all the comfort he is looking for. It can be a completely personalized landing page, or a part of the website developed for the occasion.


Sales is definitely an opportunity to convert and win back customers, to gain loyalty and to improve your online store image. While your traffic will be higher, your competition will be even stronger. More than “the good deal effect” provided buy the emergency state or the “being unique effect” coming from the personalization of promotion display, here is the “entertaining + buzz effect”. Sales is a common event. Everyone does it. Do it differently !

1st scenario : Your are a hybrid – online and offline player
Reward your online buyers with an invitation to a party in your offline showroom. And while we are at it, invite your offline buyer to an online meet-up !

2nd scenario : Your are a Pure Player
Dress-up your website and partner with a museum, inspire people who “did not lose either time nor money fighting for a bag in a boutique” to enjoy the morning sun. Sales online are less tiring, there is time for plenty of other activities ! You can even go further and adapt the activity highlighted according to the buyer.

Benefit from the Sales and learn even more about your customers thanks to Data. Contact us !


See you next Tuesday !

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