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Be omnipresent and all knowing
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EZAKO CROSS CANALWe are overwhelmed with web to store, store to web, big data and augmented reality. One of the latest trend we observe is the following : trying to move customer purchases from “Research online Purchase offline” to “Research offline Purchase online”. Even this is an oversimplification of an actual process of researching online, check offline, go back online, get a promotion to buy offline etc. The crux of the matter remains the same : how can you drive your customers, who are checking in from laptops, smartphones, from home, from the office, or even from a competitor store, to purchase what they desire – and more importantly – from your store ?

1. Be everywhere your customers are

“76% of consumers use their smartphone inside a store to access information” chefdentreprise.com

And offer a qualitative and unique shopping experience whatever the channel used. You cannot expect from your customer to stick to your brand if you do not adapt to his evolving buying habits. What you can do is to embrace this change of behavior and make things easier to learn. Basically, you should provide a functioning and intuitive E-store, Webapp, Mobileapp, and whatever your target is fond of; make sure to stay consistent across different platforms for your customers to recognize what they like about your brand everywhere. Use the same analytics and personalisation tools you use in your online store in your mobile app for example, and expand your CRM strategy through all existing points of contact.

2. Identify your user through different apps and IP address

“Among existing digital channels, 58% {of luxury goods buyers} use search engines, 43% seek information across the official website or webapp, 29% read online articles or newsletters, 23% go around blogs and forums.” Journaldunet.com, study by Google & Ipsos

We consider it crucial for a store or for a brand to provide a smooth user experience. Nothing is more annoying than having to do personal profile modifications two or three times (online, on a mobile, in store). And seeing products you already bought highlighted over and over again will make you run away.

An example most of you are living with : getting a notification on your smartphone, even if you already opened it on your laptop.

Also, having a perfect knowledge of your prospect premeditation path through digital channel will allow you to perfectly adapt your overall marketing strategy. These are reasons why we encourage E-merchants, whoever they are, to have an identification system that recognize customers cross-channel.

3. Understand who the customers is

69% of affluent shoppers use the Internet to seek information before buying.” Journaldunet.com

“65% of french consumers research online before buying electronic product; 55% of them use mobile apps.” Ecommercemag.fr

You can be found and recognized wherever your potential customer is. You offer him a unique multi-channel experience and understand he is one person navigating around using different tools.

But what does he want ?

This is where (famous) BigData steps in. Understanding the needs and wants of your customers has always been step one in the selling process. Understanding what he came looking for, if he needs attention and qualifying him is logical in any physical boutique.  Why should you not do it online ? Thanks to the diversification of contact points with your audience, you are collecting tremendous amount of usage data, that can be used to keep your level of customer experience and satisfaction up.

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Umme 19/09/2016

If the articles more focussed on how big data will help In the transformation it would be much helpful!

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