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Tuesday #15
3 things you absolutely need to ask your service provider
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cart-148964_640General ergonomics is a quality that is definitely a major goal. While analyzing different elements of the home page, we ended up focusing on one particularly important point : the search bar. It is “the” element which is used by your goal-driven visitors to find what they want, and one of the most important pathway to your products.

Here are three points that have to be optimized not to alienate your audience :

1. Answer time

“After 3 seconds waiting, 57% of the users leave the page; and 80% of them will never come back” e-commercemag.fr

Your visitors do not have time to wait. Especially when they come with a product in mind. Offering reactive and real time search results will help you beat your competitors. You can actually apply this principle to every bit of your E-commerce website. Fast page download and display time are part of the keys to success.

2. Accurate and intelligent results

On the other hand, we listened to Frank Fuchs when he was talking about Cortana and Bing, and he said :

“If results are the most accurate your user has ever seen, and he does not have to browse about 1 000 000 answers to his question to find the one for him, he should be willing to wait more”

Be proactive, prioritize accuracy and personalization, that we agree with. One of the reasons why people check online and then buy offline is because of the lack of vendors’ expertise.

“45% of people buy offline because they seek advice from a salesperson” but “71% are expecting the same variety of product offline than online” e-marketing.fr

What if you displayed only products adapted to their search terms and needs when they type in the search bar ?

3. Auto completion and orthographic correction

We all, at least once in our life, made a mistake and blamed it on the missing person. The mistake is orthographic and your website is the missing person. Don’t let that kind of misunderstanding take away revenue. Make your E-commerce website read between lines.

“Make your E-commerce website read minds.” ezako


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