What can you do with time-series data? 

Your company is probably collecting huge amounts of data. A big part of them might come from sensors and thus in the form of time-series data. Have you ever wondered what could you do with all this data? How to add value? How to exploit them? What ROI can they bring to your company? 

You are at the right place. Ezako’s purpose is to help companies leverage time-series data. This article’s intention is to be a beginner’s guide to time-series data. Let’s start. 

What is time-series data? 

A time-series is a sequence of data taken at successive, often equally spaced, points in time. 

Here an example where we have 4 timestamps with 2 values collected for every time-point : 

00:00:01 12 0.2

00:00:02 13 0.1

00:00:03 16 0.3

00:00:04 14 0.4

Those values are time-series.

Where can we find these time-series data? 

Time-series are found in more places than meets the eye. Some time-series are obvious: 

Time-series are also found in the industrial world. At an industrial scale, one particular plant may use thousands of different sensors of many different kinds, all generating time-series data continuously. In fact, most time-series around the world are collected from sensor data.  Here are a few examples:

In 2020, more than 250 billion sensors were estimated to be in use; this number will grow to 1 trillion in 2025! 

The vast majority of these sensors collect time-series data which can be used to drive value in a variety of different use cases: monitoring the health of equipment, testing prototypes and building prediction models…

How can you leverage Machine Learning in time-series data? 

The huge amount of time-series data available makes it impossible to be analyzed without innovative machine learning techniques. But once mastered, these applications can be very powerful : 

So how does this bring an ROI to me? 

There are several applications possible. Each bringing more or less a subsequent ROI. Every day new use cases are tested, approved and deployed. Here are a few use cases where ML applied to your time-series data will bring a real ROI to your company :

If you want to talk about your own time-series data and how to leverage them, please send us an email: contact@ezako.com

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