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Tuesday #17
First impression always comes first
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Ezako CarHow do you make your E-commerce home page a conversion massive arm? How do you convert this traffic that you’ve spent so many efforts on to acquiring?

We want to share with you 6 elements that will help you improve your sales, based on your traffic behavior. This method is usually illustrated by the case study of selling a car. We will generalize the point of view for E-commerce websites here.

If your home page is the most viewed page and the principal entrance to your website, this article is for you. If not, you can still apply to whichever page is.

If your visitor’s primary need is Safety

→ Your certifications

As your visitor will not buy if he does not feel safe about his purchase, you should show him how good you are. Display the awards you’ve won (e.g.: product of the year) or your certifications ( e.g. : eco label, quality label, made in US / Europe / France …).

Last, but not least, the payment methods you offer and your delivery options have to be transparent. Do not forget that a certification should not come from you, you have to be certified by a trusted entity.

→ Customers ratings

If you do not have many labels, either because you are too small or because none of them fits your activity, you can still use customers’ feedback and ratings about your products, your delivery system, your customer service …

Find ways to generate word-to-mouth on your website !

If your visitor’s primary need is Pride

→ Personalization

This one wants to be special and unique. Personalize the user interface, play with a selection of products that are adapted to his taste and navigation : offer personalized product recommendations. Make the visitor feel that he will not miss the best product and that he gets a special treatment.

→ Limited series

If you do create pieces in limited quantities, highlight it in a banner. With an “Limited Edition, buy now to be one the few people wearing this t-shirt”.

If your visitor’s primary need is Novelty & Technology

→ What is new

Be sure to display at least 4 of your latest products; not only to satisfy those who seek fashion, but also to show your website and collections are up to date.

→ Innovation

If in anyway the concept of your store is innovative, write it down wherever your future customers land when finding you. Push your identity and signature as advantages.

If your visitor’s primary need is Comfort

→ Ergonomics

Comfort on the Internet is having everything within easy reach. Play with design, clarity, product presentations and selected catalogue display. Multiply ways to reach product pages to make it easy and instinctive.

If your visitor’s primary need is Money

→ Promotions, Sales and low-sell

Some of your future customers are fond of coupons, promotions, finding the best deals and telling everyone about it. Well, keep one line on your home page about the “best sales”, the “value for money”, the “second hand occasions” …

 If your visitor’s primary need is Sympathy

→ Play with emotion

Giving particular attention to packshots, storytelling and using wordings such as “other loved” or else can create a trust and pleasant relationship with your visitors.

→ Easy to access customer service

Obviously, when we talk about relationship, we talk about optimizing customer service, during purchase and after-sale. To make this obvious even on your home page, your phone number and/or e-mail address must be visible on the first part of the page. Top right hand corner for example.

Last recommendation  

Always keep an eye on space optimization, avoid overcrowding your page with labels and information. Go straight to your best advantages in all fields and highlight what you sell, surrounded by reinsurance elements.

We can help you make your product offering adapted to each visitor. Call us !


See you next Tuesday !

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