Big Data Use Cases N°2

Following the first article “5 surprising Big Data use cases” written by Bora Kizil, we have decided to do more search and let you know about other interesting Big Data use cases:

1- Big data can protect our planet from bee extinction:

Bees are some of the hardest working creatures on the planet. The world would be a much different place if bees didn’t exist. Declension of hives is due to environmental factors. However, solutions exist and Big data is one of the most sustainable solutions to face this problem. Recently scientific searchers from CSIRO have placed a small sized black box containing a microsensor on 5000 bees in order to analyse their displacement through their environment. A large amount of data concerning bees and their daily activities will be gathered and will allow researchers to understand the reasons behind the decline of bees and thus to be able to find a solution.

2- Big Data can increase Human Lifetime:

Just think of what could happen if all the data from smartwatches and wearable devices were gathered and used to understand more about ourselves and various diseases. Apple’s new health application has effectively just turned your phone into a biomedical research device. Researchers can now access to thousands of data about humans disease, which brings accurate information to health studies. Using Big data techniques, the health of the general population of the world can be improved

3- Big Data help you to know perfectly who your clients are:

A bank asks to a retail chain: do you know who you clients are ? their age ? their sex? their place of residence ? The retail chain replied yes we know it  because 10% of our clients actually got our loyalty card. The Bank replied that with their credit card processing data they can profile a much higher number of customers. They now can tell the ration of men to women for each different shop and Big data analysis allows companies to constantly focus on improving. If you know who your clients are, it will be easier to serve them  !

4- Big Data helps government to reduce electricity consumption:

Los Angeles is the first city to use data from magnetic road sensors and traffic cameras in order to control traffic lights and thus the flow of traffic around the city. The computerized system controls 4,500 traffic signals around the city and has reduced traffic congestion by an estimated 16 percent ! Big Data analysis can improve the use of energy.

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